The Experience

There is a love affair between humanity and Mother Earth.

To celebrate you and your natural self, alongside our beautiful Mother Earth, we invite you to join us at our retreat festival in Sabah, Malaysia for a week of artistic expressions and immersive self-indulgence.

Add a little bit of tribal and international flavors with a philosophical twist, and we get an Experience unlike any other!

Who knows, in the midst of awe, you might even re-discover your Self again.

Welcome to The Experience, let’s vibe with the tribe!


Inner Space

The space inside has no boundaries, and no limits. There is no end in sight, and the possibilities are endless.

The Space element represents the infinite potential that we are all made up of.

This is the playground of dreams.


Dreams can inspire desire, turning sparks into flames.

The Fire element represents passion and power.

Flames can spread and destroy forests, or it can cook a meal and keep us warm.

This is the responsibility of power.


Water can flow, or it can crash. And it always fits!

Water represents the knowledge and information that allows us to channel energy in ways that works with us.

However, it can hydrate or it can drown us.

This is the burden of truth.


Love is in the air, or maybe it is the air itself, and we are all in it!

Just like Oxygen to Fire, the Wind element represents people and how we can lift another’s spirits up.

And just like how we appreciate the air much more after almost drowning, solitude can help us appreciate fellow human beings much more after getting in touch with our Inner Self.

This is the paradox of relationships.


We all have one thing in common, the planet that allows us to live. Without it, we would not exist.

The Earth represents the environment where we express ourselves; a kitchen for the chef and a classroom for the teacher.

Now, what’s the environment where a human being can express itself?; our Planet Earth of course!

Without all the many species that live amongst us, we would not have the oxygen that allows us to breathe.

This is the beauty of coexisting.

Outer Space

The reality that we can see and feel, this is the arena of all our experiences.

Every thought from Inner Space can manifest itself in Outer Space through the cycle of elements.

This is how we dream with our eyes open.

This is the art of manifestation